Planability ETi’s task management software enables project managers to coordinate key project activities including human tasks. Most business systems start when the order is received. Planability ETi tracks project activity from the first enquiry through to the final invoice. To manage the whole process effectively requires business administration software for planning, purchasing, works orders, etc and task management software for the coordination of human activities such as enquiry management, project management, site surveys, crew documentation, sub-contractor instructions, health and safety documentation and so on. Anything you need to keep tabs on may be defined, linked to a job/project and managed with Planability ETi. Critical paths can be created and individual task diaries presented on screen. Traffic light warnings are used to show where and when action is required and escalation rules may be applied. Planability ETI’s task management software facilitates a “management by exception” approach in which the project manager sets out the tasks at the outset and the system montitors progress, warning when things are not going as planned.