With ever more emphasis being placed on customer feedback and managing business processes, ISO9001 registered companies have to be pro-active to take advantage of their preferred supplier rating.

Being ISO9001 certified does not guarantee the quality of end products or services, it certifies the application of formalised business processes. To monitor these processes effectively requires great attention to detail and a business system capable of tracking everything is a huge benefit given the amount of data and the speed of response required in a modern business.

Extract from 2008 ISO Organization Press Release No. 1138

ISO 9001 provides the requirements for a quality management system (QMS), which is a framework for an organisation to control its processes in order to achieve objectives including customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance and continual improvement.”

In Planability systems, we pride ourselves on our ability to use your terminology and to configure and bespoke our systems to make them feel right for your business. We encourage best practice operation by ensuring that jobs and projects move through key stages automatically and you are warned when things are not going as planned.

We track all tasks and resources so that whether you provide services or manufactured products, you will be well supported. For example, we keep the same number from enquiry through to invoice, immensely simplifying audit trails. We facilitate the planning of everything, including human tasks, giving visual representations and warnings where issues might arise.

Senior Management involvement in ISO9001 is made easy through the application of escalation rules and automated reporting. Here are two brief case studies:

ISO 9001 is a pre-requisite to work with blue chips, local authorities and other public bodies but it’s the underlying disciplines that really deliver the benefits for us and, in turn, for our customers.”

Download Case Study One here.

“With more than 20 years of successful Quality Management Systems experience behind them, Case Study 2 are well qualified to talk about the challenges and benefits of working with ISO9001 and as a software developer in their own right, they know good software when they see it, too.”

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