Planability ETi – Price Builder – New Quotation system from Planability.

Planability’s new Price Builder module enables Project Managers to see margins change as they work and the “Estimated Costs Summary” gives management an on-screen overview of planned costs and margins. Price Builder also creates a Bill of Materials from which shop-floor job cards are created. The cycle is completed by the production of the “Planned Versus Actual Costs” report.

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Planability ETi is a software system for businesses that make to order such as exhibition stand builders, digital printers, sign makers, etc. It supports every business process from Enquiry To Invoice. After registering the enquiry, you need to quickly generate a professional quotation. In Planability ETi, there are many ways of doing this ranging from very simple “on-the-fly” pricing to a full quotation package. Planability Price Builder provides everything needed in an estimating package for make-to-order businesses.